Boy Meets World

“It’s your money, use it when you need it.”

And with that, we can get back to the best sitcom to ever be on television: Boy Meets World. With the timeless comic genius of Ben Savage (which isn’t timeless now that he’s not a cute little kid) and the sage wisdom from the one and only Mr. Feeny, you can never go long. From episode to episode you will deal with the issues that arise on the day to day while growing up. You’ll learn that cheating on your homework will only result in a mad dash across town that results in running into the high school teacher that assigned it. You’ll learn that if you put a cherry bomb in a mailbox then you will have to take responsibility and suffer the consequences. You’ll also learn that if you lock your roommates in an apartment and then turn their lives into a hit television show, then your tall red-haired female roommate will cause you great pain when she overcomes her fear of garbage disposals.

If you grew up in the 90’s then you can probably attribute all your knowledge of common sense and life to this show. If you can’t; you have my pity.

For those of you who heard that dirty, dirty rumor that Ben Savage (the actor who played Corey) had been killed in a tragic heart attack a few years ago, let me assure you that it is not at all true! For those of you who heard that rumor that Danielle Fishel (The actress that played Topanga) starred in a hardcore porno, you heard it here first!

There were a number of interesting characters in the show that came and went out of the series. They were often random and usually very unique characters. In the middle school days there was Mincas, a diminutive little nerdy kid with large glasses who always sported a stereotypical 90’s haircut. Then, in the high school days there was the motorcycling teacher with the mullet that essentially adopted Sean after his father died. The teacher promptly disappeared after a season or two. During the same period there was that typecast fat kid who was also in Remember the Titans, this character was seen as the school bully, but deep down he had a heart of gold and a love of poetry. Then when all our favorite 90’s kids went off to college we picked up a 7 foot tall red head, Sean’s black girlfriend, and Sean’s long-lost brother.

The most important character however, was Mr. Feeny. He is the next store neighbor to the protagonist. He also happened to be the middle school teacher for the kids. Feeny also became the high school principal and then followed the kids to college to teach them classes there.

(There are a couple of teachers that I would have loved to have followed me through the years! Then there are a couple of teachers that I would have been okay with never having.)

But I digress, Feeny’s sage wisdom became a center point to every episode. He supplied the lessons that taught us the greatest things we can take with us as we grow up; to love ourselves, to love each other, and to never underestimate the power of friendship.


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