All too often we are confronted with decisions that we have to make long before we want to confront them. Often times in life we can set out a path a cruise down it with great success. Like any river, you’ll have to choose how best to approach the rapids and sometimes when there’s not enough water beneath you, you’ve got to forge ahead carrying the boat on your back. When you come to a fork in the river, however, the metaphor becomes convoluted. On the river of life you can’t turn around and row back up river if you make the wrong decision, all you can do is keep rowing and hoping that the river runs you back toward where you are supposed to be.

On your way down the river you will see some beautiful sights. The people you meet and you forget are like the trees of the forest. They are there for a moment and then you may never see them again, but it’s the trees that let you breathe. You also know that on the river, there are others that have taken your route before, and you feel a bit of an urge to find a different path.

Along the way you may go fishing for someone to live your life with. You’ll love and you’ll lose and you’ll love and you’ll lose. You’ll find a couple that you can tell a good fisherman’s tale about, and then you’ll find the keeper. Whether they hurt you or they helped you, you’ve still gone down river while you were distracted.

We’ve all got choices to make on the river of life and it’s sad when we get them wrong. We can over-correct or get paralyzed with misery but neither option really helps you as the current takes you. Many people criticize, saying you ought not go with the flow, but if you harness the flow, then wherever you go, you go with confidence and open eyes. In the end every decision is ours to make and we must make them with the strength of our convictions and the current of our spirit.

Maybe you’ll find a nice lake to stop and rest a while. Maybe you’ll get lost in the woods. Some people live their lives on the rushing white waters and some people just give up. But those are the ones that just don’t understand that, though you never reach a final destination, the story you tell at the end of your life is more about the journey than the final location.


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