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So I’m listening to some great Jimi Hendrix music and I’m thinking about what I should put as my Facebook status, and then I realize; I haven’t used Facebook for quite a while now. I thought back to 2007 when I first got on Facebook and how attached to it I was. I would go on every single day, I would post at least one status everyday that I thought (at the time) was really cool. Little did I know that, as a Freshman in high school, nothing I did was cool. Regardless, I worked hard to look good on Facebook. I wanted to have as many friends as possible and I wanted to have the best profile pictures.


(This was my first profile picture. That’s me doing my best Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis impression)
So here I am in 2012, five years later, thinking to myself, self, maybe your profile picture doesn’t define you. I quickly shake that thought as logic takes over. Obviously your profile picture defines you as a person. Many of your “friends” on Facebook don’t actually talk to you. The human mind is capable of processing and comprehending approximately 400 relationships, if you have more friends than that on Facebook, then you literally cannot actually know all of them.
Since that is true, many of these people will never venture to know anything more about you than your profile picture. That’s why they are so important. If you want to portray yourself as artsy, then you do something fancy with photoshop on your profile picture. If you want to come off as athletic then you should post a picture of you running or playing tennis, or doing Wii Fit in your living room. Then there are the ones that want to show how many friends they may or may not have.
(This is your profile picture, it doesn’t mean that anyone in your sorority actually like you.)
Second only to your profile picture is your status which defines you in the moment. This power ought not to be treated lightly. All too many utilize their statuses to talk about what their plan for the day is, as if anyone really cares. They write “work form 3-11, text!” if you are one of those people and you don’t receive any text messages at work, it’s not because people didn’t see your status, they are just judging you.
It’s really a lot like the dark side. “Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny”. Once you start doing dumb statuses all the time, then you keep doing them. The worst of it is that we are all capable of inadvertently encouraging this behavior. A “like” is a powerful thing and must not be used with impunity.
With all the fakeness that comes with Facebook friendship, it is a breath of fresh air to be able to have an outlet to speak publicly online in a way that shows who I am to people that may take the time to read. I may only have a few followers, but those people are interested in what I have to say (though god knows why)
Facebook is a wonderful thing, but I find myself growing distant of it. Like a slow but honest breakup, Facebook and I recognize that we’re not as in love as we used to be and in time we shall return to being friendly acquaintances. The only difference is that neither Facebook, nor I, get jealous when we see other people.
(Ryan, why didn’t you tell me you were using Twitter?)

2 responses to “Profile Pictures

  1. I want to “follow” your profile, but it wants to send me an email for every time you post.. is there a way I can get it to notify my blog or my facebook instead? 😛

    • I think there is a way for you to select against that option, and I know that WordPress encourages me to email my followers, but I’m not going to do that, so you don’t need to worry about that!

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