The Coffee Shop

Here are a couple of rough drafts of poems I’ve been putting together for my series of scenes from a Coffee Shop. I’m hoping that I can edit these, and add four or five more and then put them together in a more complete collection. The first is the subject poem to set the scene, the next three are titled after a person I see in the Coffee Shop and the story I found in them.

I was walking down the street
In a coffee shop I found a seat
And I looked around the room

Quiet music was playing to a simple beat
I turn my notebook to the first sheet
And I looked around the room

A young woman here
An old man there
There’s a story everywhere

Some are sad
Some people would frown,
but me I’ve got a heart that’s glad

each person a tale
A worldwide library without a book for sale


She looks at the cup
With the coffee that’s steaming
Dreaming of things in the past

She’s down on her luck
due to a man that was cheating
with a love from his past

He didn’t know why
He couldn’t forget her
He had to go back to her

She didn’t know why
His love was from high school
And he could never leave the memory behind

Now she’s all alone
While he’s off with his sweetheart
Dreaming of things in the past

Ten years and two kids
A home outside Portland
Her dream is now in the past


He reads the paper
With nervous old eyes
He feels no safer
Since when his friends died

In Vietnam
He saw such sights
Now he can’t keep calm
He jumps at bright lights

He had no family
to come home to
Suffering PTSD
With nothing to do

He had no aid
When his tour was complete
He bought the paper
with some change off the street

Back in school he was so clever
Now he can’t pull himself together
His good life has been severed
For him the war goes on forever


She had a smile on her face
Because she knew that it was true
The ring on her finger
No words could quite construe

The man she loved, loved her back
And showed it through a stone
In a dinner last night he took a knee
And warmed her to the bone

It had been a couple years a long
Not always sure that it would work
But like a romance out of a song
It brushed away the murk

Now she’s flying high again,
No one can ever change
The greatest love she’ll ever know
Will give her a new last name.


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