Truman Syndrome

Ever wonder what the world would be like if everyone else were but an actor and you were unknowingly the star of a television show? That concept was realized in the movie The Truman Show, in which Jim Carey plays a character that has been born and raised in a fake town filled with actors rather than real citizens. His entire life is filmed for a t.v. show and he never knows.

What if that was you? I don’t think it is egotistical to entertain the thought. Yesterday I was hanging out with my best friend Michelle in the laundry room and we watched as two girls walked up to the door to the laundry room, looked directly at me and then turned around and left. I concluded that there are only to logical reasons why two women would do that, one; I’m incredibly attractive and they were shy and afraid to talk to such a shining example of a man, or two; I am the star of a Truman Show type thing.

Because why the hell not?

The idea that we are the star of a t.v. show and everyone else are actors is an idea that has been entertained by most of us since the invention of television and hidden cameras. Often times we tell other people how creepy it would be to be the star of a show without even knowing it, but deep down we all think it would be pretty cool (Except for introverted hermits I suppose.) We are all kind of egotistical to a certain degree, we like to entertain the thought of being the center of attention like we entertain the thought of living forever. We know it’s not true, but wouldn’t it be cool if it were. 
Here’s something to think about, the next time you entertain the thought that you are on hidden camera, think about what you are doing and how you feel. We act different when we are on camera, we want to look positive, optimistic and happy. That falseness is the reason why reality t.v. is not reality t.v. and it is also the reason why a show like the Truman Show would be so enticing. In one spot of our pop culture we could see a sincere person living a sincere life. The irony of this is that their life is a complete lie.
I’ll end this with a shameless plug. Give this a try; live sincerely. Just like watching a show about a real person being real would be enticing, when people are sincere in real life, it’s easy to like them more. How often do you go out and act different than what you would if it were just yourself? Do you do it for you, or them? Try just being yourself and I would venture to suspect that people will like you even more. There is nothing more real than you. 

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