What is this nonsense?

So I’m sitting in my dorm room before my first class of the semester begins. It’s that awkward period of time when you see everyone else going off to classes and getting work done and you are… well, doing nothing at all. It’s really unfortunate because you come back to school with renewed energy and optimism for the semester. Like any New Year’s resolution you vow to work harder, study longer and lose fifteen pounds, then you promptly start off your first day by watching everyone else go to class and starting a blog because you’re so bored and your first class isn’t until 12 (win.)

Which brings me to the point of my first ever blog post: This is my first ever blog post. I expect it to be received with the same fanfare and excitement as Edger Allen Poe’s first blog post. However I hope not to follow in his footsteps (I would prefer not to die destitute in a gutter in Baltimore. I would prefer Austin, TX)

So what the hell is this? I have heard tell of many blogs that look fancy with pictures starting Internet memes that make a box full of kittens jealous of their popularity. I have heard of people that make immense amounts of money by accruing insane amounts of followers and then publishing a book. I have also heard of the blogs that have no followers and sit there on the Internet like an orphan on a street corner (“please sir can I have some more?”)

I expect my blog to be the orphan kind of blog, and that’s okay with me because, having never read a blog before, I would venture to suspect that my blog will rate among the more uninteresting and boring blogs upon the www. So for those of you unfortunate enough to stumble upon this blog and have read this far (you deserve a cookie) I’ll explain what you may come to expect from this blog.

You’ll see some homemade poems (baked with the freshest of metaphors.)
You’ll see a little bit of politics (because you can’t get enough)
You’ll see some personal stories (that are just between you and me)
And you’ll see some random crap ranging from my experiences to everyday occurrences (tomorrow: brushing your teeth)

If ever you think this blog is too much to handle, I would encourage you to turn off your computer immediately. (because you’re weird.)


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