Why Ice-cream sandwich cakes and Zelda and longboards and Diana are awesome

Homework time! Which is why I’m doing a blog post. I find myself with a good amount of reading to do, however, it’s Saturday, and I’ve accomplished many of the things that I need to do already (My Friday afternoon consisted of homework, Pirates of the Caribbean, and wishing that I had brought Skyrim back to school with me.) Needless to say I have no urgency to complete what I have left and I anticipate my Sunday to be a relaxing day of reading about Abraham Lincoln and how ancient Egyptian Pharaohs have something to do with leadership. (Seriously)

So I decided to take it easy and do some reading and homework over at the Zeta House. My good friend Diana was there and to my great joy and surprise I found that she had created a most delectable treat! Imagine, if you will, a cake, not made up of bread and frosting, but of ice cream sandwiches! sacrilege you say? no, Ingenuity! The idea would never occur to me to put ice-cream sandwiches as the inside level of the cake. The top layer was whipped cream and then there was chocolate syrup doused on top with little bits of Symphony Bars crumbled on top. Allow me to show you how my taste buds felt:

(Like this.)
 So that was a great way to start off a hang-out sesh. I plopped down on the couch and opened up my syllabi only to find that for the class that I have the most amount of reading to do before Monday, I do not yet have my book. (Switching classes without ordering the new books can do that to you) In many situations I would be very alarmed, but the ice-cream sandwich cake had put me in a very serene place (Not unlike Canada). Also I knew that I have a number of very good friends that treat me very well who assured me that they would be more than happy to lend me their copy as soon as they were finished. (Saints.)
So I kicked back my feet read a couple of Supreme Court cases that I needed to know for my honors class and I reflected upon the cake and all that it meant to me (It was yummy.) I finished reading the case law quickly, as I am want to do, and I found myself yearning for something more to do. I voiced my dilemma to Diana, who currently sits to my left, and she suggested I blog some more.
“Ah, but what am I to write about?” I cried in despair (but not really.)
“Write about Zelda! or ice-cream sandwich cake! or how awesome I am!” She roared triumphantly (but not really.)
“I know!! I’ll write about all of that stuff!” I screeched (but not really.( Keep in mind that I like to make dialogue more exciting by describing the method by which it is said in a much more explosive manner.))
 So here goes:
Long boards are awesome. They give one the freedom to get around campus like Hercules got around mythological Greece (essentially you feel like you’re riding a flying horse) It’s exciting because it give you a chance to get a little bit of extra exercise and it gets you to and from classes much quicker (and with hipster-esque style) They also come in handy if you have to hold off a group of armed thugs. If you had a regular skate board, for example, it would come to little use to you. Your swing range would be well within the range of a baseball bat or a machete. A long board, on the other hand, allows you a bit of reach with your swing which can knock out thugs from about 3 to 4 feet away which is helpful when you have to avoid knives. (Trust me, I know.)
Zelda games are awesome. From Ocarina of Time to… well the other ones are really good, but maybe not awesome. I hear-tell that Skyward Sword is possibly as good as Ocarina of Time, but I have to wonder: if you attack a chicken in Skyward Sword five times, will an army of chickens attack you like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie? If not, I would venture to suspect that it is not, in fact, awesome. And for those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, allow me to elaborate.
 (I’ll save Hyrule later, I’ve got animals to abuse!)
Ice-cream sandwich cake is awesome because Diana made it. Diana is awesome because, among other reasons, she makes ice-cream sandwich cake. Have I covered everything? I believe I have. Excellent. There is promise in me yet.

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