Why wi-fi??

Monday mornings are awkward for me. While everyone else is dragging themselves out of bed at 6 and 7 in the morning to get to their classes I can sleep in because my first class isn’t until 12. (suck it.) Obviously the positive aspect of this is that I can stay up later on Sunday finishing homework that I put off because the Patriots were on. The downside, on the other hand, is that I really don’t have all that much to do when I get up.

My top priorities for the morning were to print off a bunch of random junk at the library (and by random junk I mean homework) and get breakfast, maybe review some Spanish right before class. Seems pretty straightforward and slack right? Wrong.

Here was my master plan: I was going to long board over to the library and grab a bite to eat as I printed off the junk and read some more Spanish right before class. The plan was so perfect in every way. How could it fail?

(like this.)
Turns out nobody can log on to the computers in the library this morning because the network is down. That’s right, whereas in most universities you can just log on to a computer as a guest, at CNU there is no option, you have to be connected to the network, and when the network isn’t there… Well, let’s just say that I tossed a iced coffee in the  face of the IT help desk person. At the moment it felt very invigorating, as if I had just had a delicious ice coffee, but that feeling died fast as I realized three things at once:
1. I can’t drink that ice coffee anymore.
2. The poor IT help desk person was only doing his job.
3. Security was taking me out of the library.
I found myself wandering back over to McMurran (the social science aka “fun” building) and I found a computer to print everything off of. Things were looking up until I realized that since security escorted me out of the Library, and my 12 o’clock class was in the library, the likelihood of my getting into class was slim….unless…
…I put my hood up and climb up the side of the library to sneak in undetected! Alright, it’s a plan.
For what it’s worth I should point out that there are parts of this story that I may or may not have exaggerated. However, there is an IT help desk person somewhere who may dump an ice coffee over my head at a moment I least expect it. And the waiting is fear…

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