Jubilant Gibberish

This is where the heart of the matters of man comes clean. In a shower of complexities the simplicity of the human spirit comes cascading. Clear as crystal, cold as ice, it comes. Inasmuch you know so little, still, you know for sure. Clash with what clashes and crush that which aims to crush.

Only you can stem the tide of inequality.

Shatter the perceptions of knowledge and logic and feel the effervescent bliss of contentedness. Riddled with the problems of the world like a victim of a drive by, one often feels on the edge of abyss. Like a flower in springtime, feel the warmth of the sun and the cool refreshing rain on your skin. Nothing else makes you alive besides the feeling of being here. In this moment. Whether you battle against the brunt blustery cold of the Bangor winter, or you swelter in the singeing sunshine of San Antonio, you are feeling the freedom of life.

In every breath you take and every beat of your heart you gain so much more than just the sustenance you need to survive. You gain a catalyst for experiencing every moment. They circulate the senses so you can feel everything you ought to. And you ought to feel everything. There is nothing more real that the reality you feel is real. Whether you are right or wrong is irrelevant so long as you have the right to make the assumption. Life is freedom. No legal philosophy or government can give you freedom, only you can. So be free. Live.


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