Lost Love

Do you get scared when you wake up in the morning? Like you’re missing something that you need?

Do you feel like there’s something special waiting for you that you just can’t have?

Do you feel like you’ve made a great mistake? Do you feel you’ve lost the best thing that’s ever happened to you?

Then you know what it feels to be me.

When lightning strikes it strikes hard. The flash is blinding like your smile. It shocks you like nothing else you’ve ever felt. And lightning never strikes the same place twice.

Maybe we all live on the edge of a cliff, maybe we’re all hanging on for dear life. Because when you fall in love you’ve got to hang on to whatever handhold you can. When you’re with me, I’ll never let you fall too far. I’ve got you by the hand and I can hold on tight.

There will be times when you just can’t go on, like you can’t take one more step. In those times if you just say the word I’ll carry you. I’ll carry you through rivers and canyons; I’ll carry you up the mountainside. It might take a long time getting there, but I’ll trudge on.

For what does this world need if not for love? Since the moment we were born we yearn for it and search for it. Why is it when we’ve found it we are so quick to walk away when we can’t feel it for a season? We all have seasons in our lives and perhaps relationships too. Now we feel the icy cold wind of doubt chill us to the bone, and we’re not sure if we should keep the journey going. We forget that spring is around the corner.


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