Sometimes I think too much. When this unfortunate accident occurs I have a tendency to look at the world from a big picture perspective. I start with myself and work my way outward. I have a real nice life (in my opinion). I have a wonderful and healthy family that loves me, I’ve got great friends both near and far, and though I may not be a genius, I don’t consider myself an ignoramus either. On top of all that, I am at my first choice college, I know what I want to do with my life, and I consciously enjoy every day.

Yet, I give pause when I get into this “thinking” mood. For what reason do I seem to have everything going for me when there are so many others out there that would be as happy as I am if they simply had something to eat? My biggest worry is how I pay for my education while there are kids in America who don’t even live long enough to make it to college. Is that fair?

Here’s the rub for me: I feel like I really haven’t done anything worthy of what I have been given. As long as I have put a little effort into something then things tend to go well for me and yet there are people far stronger, far smarter, and far better than me who put all the effort they possibly can into something with little to no result. Each dinner I have an all-you-can eat menagerie of foodstuffs and there are some days where I’m disappointed by the selection. Everyone’s heard the saying “there are children over in China that would love that food.” Well the truth is that there are people here in America that would love that food too. What are we doing about it?


What am I doing about it?

Writing an insignificant blog post.

Here’s the result of my unfortunate thinking: This world could probably be made a better place for so many people if only people like me would get up and take action instead of just pointing out the flaws of the world


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    • I read The Fountainhead and I was about as impressed as a diamond can be between the hands of a three-year-old. Ayn Rand is a sub-par writer who received far more attention than her literature warranted based on her ideology.

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