I swung by an aged coffee shop
I hadn’t been inside for years
on my way back home it was just a stop
Never knew I’d see some tears

The girl behind the counter looked familiar
But I couldn’t remember who
Her eyes were tired and her fingers worn
And suddenly I knew

The girl went to school with me
back in high school 2009
She called my name and asked how I’d been
and I just responded “fine”

I wasn’t hot to start a conversation
But her eyes looked very sad
I asked her when she got off on break
So that we could talk a tad

She told me that she was off in ten
And so I ordered up a cup
Ten minutes later she sat down with me
And asked me what was up

I told her about my life at school
And how I had been doing well
I asked her about her life and then
She poured out all the hell

She hadn’t gone to college.
She thought he’d be the one
He took her youth, her opportunity,
Then fathered her a son.

Within a few months of birth
The man didn’t want to stick around
He left her all alone one night
He left without a sound

Broken-hearted with no place to go
She sent the baby on its way
She started working at the coffee shop
And that’s where she is today

Back in the day she was a school boy’s dream
Low cut blouse and sweet tight jeans
But I’ve traveled up and down the coast,
She’s the saddest sight I’ve seen.

Getting later with a place to be,
I told her that I had to go
She looked at me with those lonely eyes
And the tears began to flow.

I held her closely as she shook a bit
I wasn’t sure just what to do
There are no words to say
What I wanted to construe

I said the first thing that came to mind
I looked her in the eye
I told her she was beautiful
I didn’t tell a lie.

The tears had stopped and she gave me a hug
For I moment we didn’t speak
She wished for me a safe trip home
And I kissed her on the cheek

As I drove from that old coffee shop
I avoided not to speed
All I could think of was tragic circumstance
And the challenging lives we lead


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