Today I randomly stumbled upon a link to this:

I ended up flipping through and finding that many of the beautiful actresses that we see all the time in magazines are just as pretty, if not prettier without all the makeup on. It reignited a question in me that I have pondered before; why do women see the necessity to put all kinds of coloured creams on their face to make their skin look more flawless or highlight their eyes when men just don’t?

I would hope that women are not of the impression that they are not as pretty without their makeup. There is a reason women are referred to as the fairer sex, and it is not because of the makeup they wear. On the contrary, there is no natural wonder, no glorious mountain range or rocky shore that can compare to the feminine spirit.

As men, it is easy for us to overlook how lucky we are. There are quite a few things that women have to deal with on a regular basis that we will never have to deal with. Consult any history book and you can see that women have nearly always been treated poorly, as second class citizens, and as a people that ought to follow a different moral code. To this day, even in equity-driven societies like our own, women do not make the same amount of money working the same job as a man. Yet as we go through our daily lives in modern society, it is readily apparent that we will be lucky if women are our equals due to the fact that they seem so significantly superior in maturity, grace, and diplomatic ability.

But then it comes back around to the question of makeup, since it’s crude creation, men have wanted women to wear it. Now we come to a point where men’s expectation is no longer an obligation for women. Yet I know a number of girls who say that they feel naked without some makeup on. With celebrities in constant makeup and a societal expectation of women in makeup it reinforces a need that really isn’t there. Men are now taken aback when they see a girl that usually wears makeup without it. Have we forgotten what a woman looks like without makeup?

If women everywhere stopped wearing makeup maybe society could move past the interpretation that beauty is the artificial thickness of eyelashes. Maybe ten year old girls wouldn’t doubt that they are pretty because the expectation would be natural. Maybe men could learn to love the real face rather than the mask.

I’m not saying that makeup is evil or that women are not as attractive with makeup on, I would just like us to consider the consequences of a society where half the population is expected to change their face in order to be accepted.


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