End of the Year Complex

It’s hard to believe that year 2 at Hogwarts college is coming to a close. It seems like only yesterday I was getting in the car to drive back down to lovely Newport News, Virginia. As with most years in my life; I have made many new friends and far too few enemies. In the midst of finals week I am desperate to reach the end; crawling the last few feet to the finish like a morbidly obese marathon runner.

Yet in these moments I suddenly find myself looking back over a year in the life. My best friend just swung by my room to say goodbye for the summer. Though she neglected to give me a mockingjay pin, I can assume that she wishes me luck in all my endeavours this summer and I think she is also opposed to me being attacked by a swarm of tracker jackers.

But I digress. Suffice to say, it was a sad parting. Living 900 miles away from nearly everyone that goes to your college makes four months of summer as intimidating as a mountain without trails. Last summer I was faced with four months of a long-distance relationship. It was terribly difficult (as long-distance relationships are wont to be) and I’m glad that this summer I’ll be worry free on that account because I am single! (ladies)


Pictured above: me.

At this time of the year I look back and think about all the things that I have done or haven’t done (chiefly; perform alongside Madonna at the Superbowl.). I’ve enjoyed the company of wonderful people both near and far, and isn’t that one of the best ways to measure quality of a year? (omit question mark, insert period.)

I’ve been in and out of love, I’ve experienced new things and new places. I got to sing Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” to a screaming crowd at an all-girl college; likely one of my best memories to date. I got to spend some great time with my family and if I had a dollar for every time I ate a piece of popcorn tuition rates wouldn’t be a problem.

I’m sure we all get these moments, when we become all introspective and nostalgic over a year in the past. All the things that happened to us this year is ours. uniquely. It’s not just the colour of our eyes that make us different, nor the prints of our fingers. It’s our life that makes us individuals. No matter how much we try to conform, we are all original. These are the things we realize when we look back at a year in the life.


One response to “End of the Year Complex

  1. I have a mockingjay pin on my desk here at work…feel free to borrow it when you feel like the odds need to be tipped more in your favor!

    Looking forward to having you back around kid! (Even if you did dump me for Carol…it’s fine, it’s fine…I’m not bitter or anything…but I do get to make your name tag for down there so watch yourself. Yeah, that’s as threatening as I’m able to get….)

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