Group Projects

Love them or hate them, group projects are the norm in college classes. Whether you are a Finance major or you are getting a bachelor’s degree in isolation, you can expect to be required to participate in at least three group projects per semester. There are some serious pros and cons to group projects.

On the plus side:

  • Sometimes you don’t have to do all the work.
  • It makes the Socialist inside all of us feel warm and accepted.
  • If you are paired up with people you’ve never met before, you can make new friends.
  • On very rare occasions it is a good way to meet women.

On the down side

  • You usually end up doing all the work.
  • It makes the Capitalist inside all of us cringe.
  • If you are paired up with people you’ve never met before, you can make new enemies.
  • It’s usually a bad way to meet women.

Much to the dismay of my leadership class, we were assigned a group project in which each group was to create a 15 to 20 minute documentary on leadership in the Velvet Revolution. If you are like every member of my leadership class, then you’ve probably never heard of the Velvet Revolution. Our leadership professor assured us that it would be a very interesting project because, “There really aren’t a lot of sources out there regarding leadership in the Velvet Revolution”

Interesting? Not so much. Horrifically challenging considering we had two weeks to put this together? Yes.

Much to my relief, I have the best group for a group project ever. Shaking the traditional expectation of getting everything done last minute, we began meeting as soon as we possibly could and had pieces of the video finished days in advance. This effort was supported in it’s final hours by our friendly neighbourhood University Fellows who supplied us with coffee, smiles, and an endless pile of Curious George fruit chewies.

The major caveat to a video project, however, is that editing can only be done on one computer. Specifically the computer that happens to be a Mac. So in our last couple of meetings four out of the five of us twiddle our thumbs, write blog posts, or go on Facebook while one edits, re-edits, and then edits some more.

Despite the unfortunate downtime, there is no doubt in my mind that a group project is only as good as each member of the group, and fortunately for me; everyone in my group is amazing. So here’s to you guys, we’ve exceeded the expectations on this project, which means we’ll probably get a B.

Above: My professor's reaction to stellar work.


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