Star Wars Episode 7: Delusions of Grandeur

So I’ve talked about it before: the massive shift in overall quality from the original three Star Wars movies to the prequel trilogy released in the early to mid 2000’s. My argument hasn’t changed much, but I want to acknowledge that as a youngling I always thought it would be awesome if, somehow, George Lucas could make another movie, or couple of movies that took place after the events of Return of the Jedi. It would be so cool to have Luke and Leia, but most importantly; Han Solo kicking some evil Empire butt again.

Clearly all the actors that played the original characters are now either really old, really ugly, or really old and ugly. Therefore, the prospects of actually having the original people play their roles is tremendously small. However, we do have this cool new thing called CGI, and it’s not a new concept to make young, Han Solo looking characters in video games and such.

So while I’m pondering all this I’m thinking to myself, alright, one could use a video game driver and make the next couple Star Wars movies, we could use the original actors as voice actors (Mark Hamill has gotten some practice) and then you can have a high quality flick right?


Oh wait, here’s George Lucas’s concept of the Star Wars Universe as of last year:

On second thought, I’ve had enough of Star Wars from George Lucas. Thanks but no thanks…

You will never love a woman as much as this man hates his fans.


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