Mother’s Day

“All that I am and ever hope to be is thanks to my angel mother.” -Abraham Lincoln

It’s the toughest and most thankless job in the world, and, ironically, it is a pretty common position. Being a mother has got to be a challenge because any honest person can reflect on how much a mother is taken advantage of by her kids. They love us regardless of the shenanigans we get into and they always want the best for us.

Often times it is necessary for a mother to crack down and lay down the law, but we’re always the better for it. Sometimes we’re in desperate need of a helping hand and a mother is always there to lend it. There is no person more helpful, no supporter more strong than a mother is to her children.

I was a real challenge to raise. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m not sure how exactly my mom was able to handle me at times. As a toddler I had temper tantrums that would result in screeching and kicking doors. In elementary school I was in and out of the principle’s office on a regular basis.

Sometimes I would get too rough with other kids, other times I would just talk too much during class. Also, raising my hand was too much of an effort before I got the chance to talk. I, personally, had a chart for every half hour if I was good I got a little sticker on the chart, if I did something bad I would get a check. Needless to say I got a lot of checks on a daily basis.

This is me if I kept up my criminal ways.

My mom was incredibly patient with me. She would discipline when she felt that she needed to and she became a master-lecturer. During parent-teacher conferences she became accustomed to hearing, “Ryan is a smart boy, a wonderful student, a nice kid… BUT…”

Years of these things must have been taxing. Somehow, some way, my mom still loves me. And I appreciate that.

No person in the world has the inherent ability to say exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. When I’m feeling bummed about a failed relationship, stressed about school, or overwhelmed by the responsibilities that seem to dive-bomb me like a wave of Japanese zeroes, in just a few words she can refocus me and calm me down.

I can share anything with my mom and know that her combination of empathy and experience will always leave me wiser from going to her. She is my motivator, my moral compass and my best friend.

Nearly everything that can be said about mothers has been said at some time or another (and later put on a Hallmark card). So any words I can write would likely sound cliché and unoriginal, but maybe that works well when describing motherhood. There are so many mothers in the world that the basic role they fulfil is standard and not considered particularly striking, but when we look closely at what our mothers do for us we have to realize no one could do it better.

I have the best mother in the world.


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