Prom Idea

Last Saturday I went to prom. I had always wanted to go to a Hampden Academy prom ever since I started going to Hampden Academy back in 2006. One of my best friends in town who graduates from the school at the end of this year invited me to go to the prom. I accepted of course because all four years that I was at the high school I missed prom because I was at the National competition for High School Mock Trial (Priorities). You’re probably thinking, “Aren’t you a little old for going to prom?”

Well, aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?

Not yet. This was the last year I could go to prom and, lucky me, I got an invite.

It comes to my attention that most proms have a theme of sorts. Sometimes it’s themed on a decade, other times it’s an ocean theme. The prom that I went to over the weekend was Casino Royale themed. I got all dressed up like James Bond in a classic tux and black bow tie. I would have brought my Walter PPK as well, but I was afraid the school administrators might frown on that. …for clarification; I don’t own a Walter PPK. My prom date was gorgeous.

Above: Not as pretty as my prom date.

Casino Royale isn’t too bad for a prom theme, but while we were there, I came up with the greatest idea in the history of prom themes. …You see, Hamden Academy used to be where the writer Steven King used to teach as an English teacher. While he was teaching there he wrote his first couple books including the infamous CarrieCarrie is the story of a young teenage girl that has always been a bit of an outcast. She develops psychic powers as she hits puberty, but she is mercilessly teased until the night of the prom. She ends up getting a date to the prom and the chief bully that has been bothering her switches the ballots for prom king and queen. Carrie ends up winning  the title of prom queen, she goes up on stage and then the bully drops pig’s blood all over Carrie in front of the entire school. Carrie snaps and burns the school to the ground.

Perfect theme for a prom right?!

…Okay, so obviously it would have to be a bit more tame than actually burning the building down, but it would be so cool to have a Carrie –themed prom at the school where it all started. The prom location can be done up on the inside with fake flames on the walls, you could have fog machines to cover the floor up to one’s ankles. An open invitation can be given to the guests to dress up in Halloween-esque prom gowns and suits. You could even opt to drop red liquid (not real blood) over the prom king and queen (with their permission). It would be like a horror-prom except more specific.

Last song of the night: Thriller by Michael Jackson.

So. Totally. Excellent.


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