Top 5 Ways My Little Sister Is Cooler Than Me

  1. She’s got style.
    Unlike many young people now a days, my sister can be fearlessly stylish. For many, trying an outfit that is somewhat outside the norm is just not an option. The fear of being talked about in a negative way is usually enough to keep most people from venturing outside what everyone else is wearing. My sister is not one of those people. On the contrary, she has a tendency to experiment with colorful dresses and various accessories and such… and always pull it off.This is a useful skill for anyone. I find myself, on a regular basis, in situations where she, or my mother, or my best friend have to tell me to go back to my room and change because I look, “silly,” “foolish,” or “like a dumbass,” respectively.

    But seriously, why can’t I wear these?

  2. She studies.
    My sister isn’t a huge fan of getting low grades, and by low grades I mean an A-. She has a tendency to stay up late studying until she literally passes out with her books on her face. To put that in perspective, when I was in high school and it got dark after school, that meant it was bed time. I knew I could get around to studying sometime later. That “sometime” was usually within 24 hours of the big test.My sister has a plan to take multiple college courses at the University of Maine during her senior year in high school. This is on top of all the extra curricular activities she’s involved in, ranging from singing groups, to youth group, to volunteering, to mock trial. She is as, if not more, involved than I was in high school, and that is a hard thing to do.
  3. She can sing.
    My sister has an ability to sing that is rivalled only by the most talented people I know. Miley Cyrus is not one of those people. She is a junior in high school and is as talented, if not more talented than many of my singing friends in college, some of whom are  music majors. There have been times when I hear her sing and I can’t help hearing a younger Stevie Nicks in her voice. For those of you who don’t know who Stevie Nicks is, think legend.

    Above: Not Rebecca Black

    Despite her natural talent, my sister has always been a little shy about her singing ability. She doesn’t really show it off much and because of this, she kind of flies below the radar until she gets a solo at concerts. This has always impressed me because I know that if I had a voice like hers I would be showing it off all the time. Which brings me to her next coolness factor…

  4. She is humble.
    While I’m flexing at the mirror my sister will go run a couple miles and then not brag about it. While I’ll put all my 95% grades up on the refrigerator for all to see, my sister will get 100% on everything and quietly file them away in her desk. She’s got a way of influencing people and impressing them without talking about it or pointing it out. A lot of people have respect for my sister because she naturally respects just about everyone else. The funny thing is that she probably doesn’t know just how many people respect her.She’s very much the individual and a lot of younger students look up to her, but my sister has never let it go to her head.  That is a rare thing indeed.
  5. She is a girl and she likes to play frisbee and Halo and Skyrim.
    This is such a rare thing that I think this coolness factor kind of speaks for itself.

3 responses to “Top 5 Ways My Little Sister Is Cooler Than Me

  1. I truly am blessed to know your sister, and she truly is an amazing person! She is such a kind person, and sometimes that is the most successful person you can be in life!

  2. Solid. If i had known that there was precedence of people informing you of looking like a dumbass, i would have capitalized on that far more frequently.

    yours truly,

    A Dumbass

  3. Solid. If i had known that there was precedence of people informing you of looking like a dumbass, i would have capitalized on that far more frequently.

    yours truly,

    A Dumbass

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