A First Date

Holding my breath, I rang the doorbell. I listened intently for any sound. Soon I heard someone run up to the other side of the door. I heard two “clomps,” as shoes were put on. My stomach was churning.

The door flew open. There she stood with a blue skirt and a new white blouse. She smiled and all the lines I had been practicing before I rang the doorbell left me faster than my ex-girlfriend.

“You look really, really pretty,” I stuttered, stunned by her smile.

She blushed a little and asked, “Are you ready?” Was I ever.

“Yes,” I said, regaining some control.

We walked to the car I had just cleaned out earlier that day. I vacuumed the inside and added a new car freshener. I already climbed in when I realized I hadn’t held the door for her. “Whoops,” I muttered under my breath as she climbed in and sniffed.

“My, it’s smells nice in here,” she commented awkwardly. I suddenly remembered my father warning me not to take the wrapping off the car freshener all at once or else the smell would be too intense. When she looked away I quickly ripped the fully unwrapped pin-tree shape off the rear-view mirror and tossed it out the window.

“What was that?” She asked as she turned back to me.

“Sorry,” I replied, “My car makes a weird noise before the engine starts.”

This is a disaster. I thought to myself. It took two tries and one unnaturally red face before my car started. I was not sure if I could handle my embarrassment before I saw she was wringing her hands in apprehension as well. I cooled off and we began driving.

“So where do you want to go for dinner?” I asked.

“I’m thinking Italian,” she said.

“Olive Garden?” I asked.

“You got it.” She said with a smile.

We travelled down the road discussing the classes we were taking at school. She told me of her interest in biology and the sciences. I had a good guess, but I thought I should ask:

“You want to be a doctor or a nurse someday, don’t you?”

“You got it.” She replied.

I smiled as we pulled into the parking lot of our local Olive Garden. I got out and moved to open the door for her, but I was too late. For some reason I thought of a disgraced samurai committing Hari Kari.

We walked to the front and I asked for a table for two. Our waiter neglected to present the wine of the night but instead told us what sodas they had. We ordered our food and talked about our favorite movies and T.V. shows. Eventually I asked her if she had ever seen my favorite movie. She grinned ear to ear.

“Is it your favorite movie too?” I asked.

“You got it.” She laughed.

We ate and talked about just about everything. Soon our plates were clear but we had so much to say. We talked about our families, we talked about our hobbies, we talked about sports and joked and laughed until our waiter had refilled our water glasses eight or nine times. Eventually I noticed her yawn.

“Tired?” I asked.

“You got it.” she smiled.

We returned to my car after I paid the bill, and as we drove away I realized how late it was. After two-and-a-half hours of talking our tongues were more than tied. I turned on the radio and it just so happened to be on her favorite channel.

When we got to her house it was dark outside but there were lights on in the house. I got out as fast as I could and opened the door for her and smiled to myself. We walked up to the door of her house and we stopped on the porch.

“Thanks for a great time,” She said to me and smiled.

Things were quiet and I wasn’t sure if I should say anything.

“You know what would make this first date perfect?” She asked me.

I leaned forward hopefully and kissed her on the lips. She beamed.

“You got it.”

Yes I did.


2 responses to “A First Date

  1. Cute post. Visual;nicely detailed. Did you talk about any of the hard things? I thought it was cute because of the emotion,but people tend to usually want to hide or use caution about what they say especially when first meeting but when it gets down to nitty gritty you find you dont appreciate them for the hard things like you did for the simple commonalties.

  2. Such great writing!

    I know women seem willing to see anything as a red flag, but I assure you that you do not want to date any woman who cares about your overly strong smelling car. I would have been impressed that you even cleaned your car for a date!

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