The True Feelings of a Gnat

You are such a warm person!

Seriously, you are probably the most interesting person I have ever seen. You are funny, and I enjoy your wit and charm.

That’s a mighty fine shirt you are wearing. Your fashion sense is impeccable. I wish I could wear all the things that you wear, and I wish I could pull them off like you do.

I know you really don’t want my friends and I around. Some of my relatives suck, but please don’t brush me away. I just want to whisper in your ear. Even if you can’t understand what I say, I still want to try to tell you that you seem pretty special. We all really like you.

I wish I could give you a big hug and spend a day or two with you. We would probably be best friends. But, sadly, I am only a tiny gnat flying around your head.


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