Awesome Moment Of The Day

Sometimes we sell bottles of wine at the resturaunt. When we do, the guests commonly down the contents quickly leaving the bone-dry bottle behind for us to clean up. However, sometimes the wait staff can get lucky.

If you are working a table and you sell a bottle and they leave the unfinished bottle behind when they leave, it’s up for grabs. I’ve never had the pleasure of taking advantage of this opportunity, and I probably won’t until next year anyway, (when I turn 21) but it’s still a cool deal.

The reason behind this practice is that the bottle has already been sold, and pouring the contents back into another bottle of the same type and then re-entering the amount of a single glass back into the liquor inventory just doesn’t make sense. This would take a lot of time and a lot of paper-work for very little return on investment. Waste not, want not.

So yesterday when I saw that a bottle of Chardonnay had been left on my table I felt similar to a kid at Christmas. As I cleared the table and gathered up the signed receipt, I checked to see if anything remained of the white wine. Nothing. Not a drop.

Heartbroken, I returned to the kitchen with the empty bottle and a tray full of dirty dishes. As I put them in their respective cleaning boxes, our dishwasher for the night; Justin,  noticed my sullen expression.

“What’s wrong?” He asked as I continued to put away dishes.

“I was hoping they might have left some wine in the bottle so I could take it home,” I replied.

“Aren’t you only 20?” He asked.

“Yes, but a young man can always hope and pray that a bottle of Chardonnay may someday come his way.”

Boom. Both he and I were quiet for a second, then he just said, “That sounded awesome,” to which my response was, “Wow, yeah, it really was, wasn’t it?”

Sometimes you say something that you mean to be just what it is, but it turns out to be significantly funnier or more awesome than it was in your head. I love those moments because you have to give yourself credit, you weren’t actually trying and you still have your wit and charm coming through despite yourself. Awesome moment of the day? I think so.


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