Legend of Korra/My Best Friend

It’s a rather dreary day today in Hampden, Maine. The skies are grey and rain seems to come and go by the hour. So what is there to do on a day like today?

Well, before I head over to work at 3, I’ll be heading over to the shopping district of Bangor with my mom, I suspect trips will be made to Target, Walmart and Sam’s Club, among others. I probably won’t be spending any money while I’m out today (I’m saving money for a date on Monday) but it’s always fun to waltz around and see what big businesses have to offer, and it’s even more fun to hang out with my mom.

Before we head over to Bangor, I’ve had the pleasure of continuing my mad catch-up of The Legend of Korra, the sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender. For those of you not familiar with Avatar, I am not talking about the tall blue people on the planet of Pandora. Avatar was originally a Nickelodeon t.v. show that aired a few years back. It lasted four seasons and it told a unique and endearing adventure that ranks up with Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings in terms of originality and entertainment value. Korra picks up a generation after the events of Avatar and is as good as the original.

Insert shameless plug-in here.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy this summer, as evidenced by my lack of daily blog posts, and this probably disturbs no one more than my best friend Michelle Flores.

Michelle lives many worlds away in Virignia while I’m up here in the great white north of Dawnstar New England, and thus; we are unable to hang out and play Mario Kart 64 over the vacation. Now to many, the absence of a friend is something that can be taken in stride because there is the constant knowledge that a get-together is as eventual as the rising sun, but this comes as little consolation to me when I have to deal with four months away from the coolest person I know.

Michelle has the unique ability to enjoy my company despite my nerd-ish qualities and my inner-age of at least 85. For the last two years she has lived just down the hall from me in my dorm and it has been very convenient whenever we need to get together (daily). We have the rare relationship where we can get together and talk about ourselves without worrying about being seen as self-centered, then again, it may be that, because we are so alike, when we talk about ourselves it is similar to talking about the other…

I will meditate on this.

But likely my favorite quality about Michelle is that I know that when I’m hunched over with a cane fifty years from now (…or 3 judging by Michelle’s predictions) my best friend will still be there to point out when I do something stupid.

Still miss you!
(Mario Kart when we get back?)


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