Coaching a Sister in Skyrim

“Turn right! RIGHT! …your other right.”

Skyrim is one of the most fun games I have ever played. There is plenty to do in a magical realm that seems like a cross between Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. You can explore caves and dungeons, you can fight werewolves, zombies and dragons, and you can save the world from the apocalypse!

You can also catch butterflies and pick flowers!

Skyrim may be fun to play, but it’s even more fun to watch my sister play. Having just had her wisdom teeth removed, Katie is recovering by using “Dragonborn Therapy”. While I type this, Katie is entering catacombs infested with vampires. As with most little sisters, she is nervous when confronting things that suck blood. One time she thought she had a tick on her and she freaked out, but in Skyrim, Katie’s nerves do not get the better of her.

Drawing her sword, Aragorn style, she stands up, waiting for a fully-armoured vampire to charge at her. “Come at me bro!” she goads the t.v. The vampire lunges forward and Katie plants her sword in his chest. He promptly turns into a pile of ash and Katie starts looting the nearby gold.

I am a proud big brother. When Katie started playing Skyrim she spent more time running away from giant spiders than cutting them down with a battle ax. Now she goes charging in to fights with reckless abandon.

I’ve definitely been playing the game longer than she has, but our characters are polar opposites. My character is a reptilian assassin that does good acts or bad acts depending on what can bring in the most gold. Katie’s character is a heroic woman who only fights the forces of evil. The only crimes she has committed have been lockpicking private property, and accidently pick-pocketing. She once hopped on someone else’s horse and started riding it away, but that was just a big misunderstanding that landed her in a jail cell for a few days.

uh… I can explain.

I always enjoy helping her out through some of the levels since many of the adventures she is taking, I have taken before. But it has never been more fun than yesterday when Katie first got home from having her wisdom teeth out. Katie was still strung up on pain-killers and her character acted as if she was too as it ran into walls and took wild swings at bandits. At one point she shot an arrow that missed a dark wizard only three feet away from her.

She may have hit an adventurer in the knee though. …An end to a promising career…

Katie’s enjoyment of Skyrim says something more than just the awesomeness of the game, it shows the awesomeness of my sister. It’s not just any sister that would want to play Skyrim. She fights dragons like the best of them and when she’s not playing Skyrim she’s still one of the coolest people I know.


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