Why It’s Important to Vote (Regardless of Your Politics)

As some of you may know, there’s this thing that happens this November called “elections”. It’s a special event where everyone over the age of 18 gets a chance to vote for the people that they think best represents their interests on the local level, the national level, and the international level. Now there are over 300,000,000 people in the United States, minus those who aren’t old enough to vote (brings it down to 226,000,000) minus anyone convicted of a felony or something (brings it down another 20,000,000) (Source) you have about 200,000,000 eligible voters in the United States, so if you don’t vote this November it’s probably not a big deal right?


You probably like living in America right? It’s the land of the free. You can go cook burgers on the grill while licking an icecream cone without the government telling you to eat your dessert after your meal (like in Usuckistan). You can live your life just about anyway you please. You may be called in to do jury duty some time, but it’s a small price to pay to live in the greatest country in the world. Besides that, voting isn’t really a necessity. It’s not like you rule the country.

…Except that, technically, you do. America is a democratic country, that’s democratic with a lower-case “d” any Tea Party member would tell you it’s definitely not with a capital “D”…

What a clever outfit.

…Which means that the people in charge of our country is us. It is true that the president and the senators and representatives we elect will make the specific decisions that will affect our country, but, in theory, we elected them because we believed they would make the same decisions that we would if we were them. They are our surrogate leaders because we are too busy doing real jobs to devote time to politics.

The power of your vote cannot be stressed enough. In the modern age with super PACs and all kinds of secret monies floating around during elections, it can feel like your influence in politics is nothing compared to big corporations, wealthy individuals and special interest groups. Yet the true genius of the democratic system is that a vote is a great level-er. Your vote on a ballot is just as valid and just as important as Bill Gates’ or the President’s. The phrase “All men are created equal” is never more true than when you put your vote in the ballot box.

As a citizen of a democratic country, you are it’s king or queen. You decide the fate of America. Some people serve America in the military or through foreign relations or as community organizers, but everyone can serve America as it’s leader. Every November your community, your state, and your nation need you. As a citizen, when you neglect to vote, you neglect the country. This is not an obligation for just Democrats or just Republicans, this is an obligation for all Americans. If you can vote, it is your moral duty to vote.

You owe your vote to America’s forefathers who faced death for treason because they gave us the right.

You owe your vote to America’s veterans who laid down their lives to protect the right.

You owe your vote to yourself, because without your vote, you have no right to complain about what happens with the country.

Because, honestly, that’s one of the greatest rights we have!


One response to “Why It’s Important to Vote (Regardless of Your Politics)

  1. “land of the free”

    So anyone is free to not vote. And honestly, those who don’t care enough to vote probably shouldn’t be voting anyways.

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