Nerd Glasses

I got a new pair of glasses recently and they make me feel as unique and original as Bob Dylan when I wear them. …Of course, this is the feeling we are supposed to feel when we wear the “nerd” style of glasses. “Geek chic” has been all the rage as of late and I think I can claim to have started the trend. (I was wearing sweater-vests as early as 2009).


…But then again, I’ve always been at the fore-front of fashion…

I don’t usually wear glasses to begin with. Ever since I got contacts I have avoided my glasses as if they were bubonic. I was always careful to pick out glasses that would not make me look like a nerd because I look enough like a nerd to begin with.

…But we all grow up and become more mature, and in my case, I have embraced my inner-nerd. I enjoy video games like Skyrim, I will watch The Lord of the Rings over and over again, Firefly was the greatest thing to happen to television, and I will forever critique superhero movies and their discrepancies from the comic books. I am proud of those things and I think more and more of us are willing to release our inner-nerds because we all realize that if what we enjoy isn’t cool then we’ll damn-well make it cool.

My favorite people are some of the geekiest people I know. My sister plays Halo and Left 4 Dead with me. My best friend will play Mario Kart with me and watch Jeopardy! with me. My friend Ian and I will sit down and play sci-fi strategy games for hours together. We are shameless about our nerdery and that makes us cooler than any kid that tries to hide their inner-nerd.

So for the first time I have a pair of glasses that I don’t feel ashamed of. When I wear my glasses now I feel like I’m making an unnecessary statement that is still kinda fun to make: “I’m a nerd and I’m awesome.”

In the end, no matter who you are or what guilty pleasures you have, the coolest thing that you can be is yourself.


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