I’m Really Dumb

I have often been found guilty of tomfoolery. I am the kind of person that holds very little back, I’m headstrong and consequences present little more than thin-plaster walls to crash through when I get some mental momentum. Rarely do I think before I speak and my inconsideration has gotten the better of me more times than I care to remember.

When I was about ten years old I was at my grandmother’s house when I decided to throw some rocks at a bee hive that was up in a tree. I had hit it a couple of times when all of a sudden I got swarmed and I was stung three times. I went running back to the house where the stings were treated with a cold pack and highly-effective grandma kisses. When asked why the heck I was throwing rocks at a bee hive I responded that I wanted to see what would happen.

Ten years have gone by and I still find myself testing bee hives in a metaphorical manner. Whether I am writing in to the newspaper to complain about my boss’s political views, or making public my discontent with CNU housing when my future living situation lies in their hands, or making a blog post that doesn’t consider the feelings of others, I am consistently risking myself and my relations with people. The worst part is that I never fully stop and think about it until I’ve hit “send”, or “publish” or the truck has already picked up the mail.

My incessant urges to make a splash overwhelm the common sense that warns me that I will get wet. My shoot-first, ask-questions-later approach is all the more foolish when I am aiming at my foot.

It’s like when I tried to do a front-flip off the stage at Hampden Academy three years ago. My mindset revolved around the thrill and the excitement and how cool I would look and the impressions I would give on people rather than the potential bodily harm I could cause to myself. When I stuck the landing I found myself with aches and bruises.

As I grow up I’ll find myself in situations where I could do a lot worse than break some bones. I could miss some opportunities, I could piss off a supervisor, I could lose a friend. Those possibilities aren’t at all worth my momentous, head-strong nature. I’ve got to get a clue, plant my feet firmly on the ground and think before I do.


2 responses to “I’m Really Dumb

  1. i dont love that approach since i have a friend with that opinion. this opinion has cost her more friends than she has and no matter what i say she still goes on with her ‘shoot first ask questions later’ approach. this effects me cause she falls out with my friends and then im put in the middle of it. her actions effect me aswell as her, as im sure ur friends are effected too.
    think before you speak, if only to consider how ur words will effect ur friends.

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