A Look at my Former Self

I was looking through some of my old notebooks and journals today as I was packing some things up to head back to college. As a rising junior it feels like middle school and high school was a lifetime ago, but the stuff that I wrote then jogged my memory now and reminded me of how I thought back then. Here’s some of the stuff I found from the summer before my freshman year in high school:

Young summer breeze blows your hair about,
Hiding and revealing your dark brown eyes like the branches of a willow tree.
I have to blink twice because I think I see an angel sitting across from me.
With a smile like the sun and a laugh that melts my heart
You rival mother nature with her god-given beauty and unintended grace.
Let’s remember this moment for a lifetime.


I found a key,
I knew not where it goes.
A door in a tree,
Where the west wind blows?
The tree I found,
But not a door.
I fell to the ground.
My legs so sore.
I searched so long,
for nothing at all.
A slow cold song;
I let the key fall.
No need to search
For what can’t be found,
And there by the birch
I left the key on the ground.


Red ant, you look like a small piece of a perfect society.
Bring me the reason why you toil for no self-benefit, but instead, the benefit of all your kind. How do you do it? How can we humans achieve a state where we no longer wish only for more for ourselves? A state where we work together for a better world. Why can’t we all work together to better mankind, rather than working against each other to better ourselves? Bring me the way, the path to world peace, and a happier planet.


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