Leaving Maine

Sometime soon I’ll be leavin’
The land that I love far behind
the tale of my life will start to unravel
While I stumble through the thing blind.

But I’ll find myself with longing
For the land in which I was born
Of the air and the trees and the mountains and foliage
Pristine even in thunder storms

Now I don’t know when I’ll return
But the warmth of the fire on a cold winter’s night still burns

So when I arrive in places
Where the people will only look down
I’ll pack up my bags and aim for the northern air
After I turn my self ’round

It may be hard for some to process
The feelings that I possess
But once you’ve star-gazed by the edge of her rivers
You’ll know you want nothing less

And I don’t know when I’ll return to you
To your sweet lovely pines and lakes of blue

I’ll never forget the way that Maine has treated me
I’ll take with me a piece of the way life should be.


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