Music Videos That Make Very Little Sense

Have you ever found yourself pumping your fist in the car because a really cool song just came on the radio? You step on the gas, feel pumped up and when the song is over you feel like something beautiful just died…

Fortunatly, you can floor it home and pull up the song on Youtube. …Which is exactly what you do. You’ll soon find yourself scratching your head over a music video that just doesn’t do the song justice, or just doesn’t make any sense at all.

The first time I noticed this trend was in 8th grade. I had heard “I Want to Break Free” by Queen on the radio when I was on my way back from play practice so I decided to pull it up on Youtube that evening. This is what I found…

At :12 you get confused, at :24 you are more confused, and by 2:09 you just close your eyes and try to forget.

In 8th grade I didn’t know that much about music, and I can honestly admit that I was shocked that Freddie Mercury, a man with such a manly mustache, would act so feminine in a music video. Upon Google-searching Freddie Mercury I was informed that he was, in fact, gay. In doing so, my perception of the world changed, I became far more accepting, and despite these things, I’m still kind of weird-ed out by that music video.

What about a song by one of the most talented musicians of an era? Billy Joel.

If you think this song is catchy but the music video is ridiculous, you are not alone. If the slap-in-the-face fifties theme doesn’t rattle you, then maybe Billy’s not-so-subtley-flamboyant, back-up-singing car mechanics will.

This is why car labor is so expensive.

The King of Pop himself was no stranger to questionably disturbing visuals to go along with his music. If Thriller is any example, MJ loved himself some weird stuff (go ahead, comment). But even as recently as 1997 Jackson was up to his frightening self in a clip that might possibly make sense in some context I’m not going to explain.

If you like the sound of ripping flesh, then you are a proper MJ fan.

Some of you may like your modern music a bit more. You can judge me and say, “Well, most music videos today are cool and make sense, they were just crazy back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s”. I would point you in the direction of Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga, and Lady Gaga.

But even when we put her aside we have others. Look at a normal-sounding song by a normal sounding artist.

How about “Lights” by Ellie Goulding?

I think we can call this: “Blonde girl dances by herself and sometimes drums out of synchronization¬†with the music”

It’s like Ellie threw this video together by herself and her theater-lighting engineer cousin as if to say, “Hey, check out all the lights. Also, I’m important.”

Finally, I’ll leave you with the result of a collaboration between weird people and an even weirder individual:


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