“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream” -American Minstrelsy (cir. 1850’s)

CNU has a rowing team. Whilst I was in the midst of my daily breakfast run to Commons yesterday I heard a credible rumor that a rowing team was being formed for the first time ever at CNU. Of course I was very excited because I’ve been a canoeing/kayaking fan since I was barely old enough to hold a significant conversation (8th grade)

2006 was a hairy year…

I recognize, of course, that rowing in college is very much different than rowing across a lake in Maine. The traditional sport of rowing requires strength and grace and an internalized rhythm.

…All things that I do not possess.

I can imagine my first day out on the water now…

Me: “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream!”

Coach: “Shut up Asalone! You’re throwing off the team’s rhythm!”

Teammate 1: “Too late!”

Teammate 2: “We’re headed straight for that iceburg!”

Coach: “Full reverse and hard to starboard!”

Ryan: “But this ship can’t sink!”


My main draw to rowing is the idea of getting up bright and early and working out my upper body until I’m more sore than the pride of a Detroit Lions fan. Imagine working in rhythm with a bunch of other people, in perfect synchronization as the sun comes up over the horizon of James River…

Tomorrow I’ve got to get up at 5 to start. I’m pumped (which is really something considering the hour.) and I have a vision of myself bulking up like the Hulk with more manageable pectoral muscles.

Above: Expectation.


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