CNU Colds

Plague has befallen CNU. Everywhere you go people are sniffling and sneezing. It’s like a Star Trek convention, except instead of being covered in exceptionally detailed make-up; everyone is severely congested.

It’s hideous.

It’s about as predictable as an Oakland Raiders loss. The temperatures have been in the mid-70’s to the mid-80’s for weeks. Suddenly the temperature drops fifteen degrees for a couple of days and everyone gets a bad case of head cold. It happens every year right around this time. We all thought we were ready.

We were wrong.

Everywhere you go on campus the sound of coughing can be heard like gun shots in a war zone. Sneezes echo across Trible Plaza and everyone is quick to use hand sanitizer after touching any door knob on campus.

There is talk that some students in the Forbes are working frantically to discover a cure for the common cold, but it’s just not happening fast enough. Throats are already sore, noses already stuffed, and professors already concerned about their well-being.

Imagine being a professor in a class full of sick students. I imagine that it is similar to Daniel being thrown to the lions, except instead of being eaten alive by a bunch of hungry carnivores, the professor faces being sneezed at by a bunch of bored teenagers. I’m not sure which fate is worse. At least with the lions it will be over relatively quickly. A cold can leave you miserable for days.

I received my cold at some point on Saturday. It started with a harmless magikarp of a sore throat but has evolved into a raging Gyarados of a head cold. I’ve been taking shots of Dayquil and blowing my nose every five minutes (which seems to annoy my professors) I’ve bundled up in all my warmest clothes and I hope to be over it soon.

Above: An abundance of snot and phlegm.

Despite the tremendous infected population of CNU, one thing that you can count on when you get sick is that every third girl you know will offer to make you chicken noodle soup. I’ve had so much broth in the past three days that I’m afraid I may smell chicken-y when I walk past people. Fortunately, as with every cold, you can feel it recede over time and even as I write this post I can feel myself getting better (knock-on-wood).

So, for all my CNU friends: Worry not, we’ll come through this ordeal before the next one rolls around (midterms)


One response to “CNU Colds

  1. Hopefully my Iron clad immune system holds together… Especially since you came into the suit… you may have infected us all O.o

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