The Commons

Upon being invited into the oasis paradise that is Timone and Pumba’s home, young Simba is introduced to a diet of bugs. Timone assures Simba that the food is “Slimy, yet satisfying.” This Lion King quote can be attributed to the food in most college dining halls, but not so at CNU.

Fig. 1: A meal not offered in the CNU dining halls

At CNU we have two dining halls, each very unique and sporting distinct and different options from one another. On a day-to-day basis I can check the CNU website to see what’s on the menu at Regatta’s and what’s on the menu at the Commons. Often times the decision can be difficult.

Being a tremendously busy college junior, often times my choice comes down to where I can get food quicker. I live closer to Commons, and so it is usually my first pick. On a regular basis I find myself long-boarding the distance from my residence hall to the Commons, weaving in between backpack-laden students, my mouth watering with the thought of a juicy burger or one of the buffalo chicken wraps they make right in front of you.

Something about college makes people really hungry all the time. I, along with just about everyone else I know, was warned of the dreaded “freshman fifteen”. I wasn’t exactly apprehensive about this, but it turns out that at CNU, they actually give some meal options that make avoiding “the fifteen” much easier.

Commons has a “Healthy Haven” in which you can always find vegan options, low-fat meals, and gluten-free stuff. I know you’re probably thinking, “Really? You’re trying to talk up the health food?” but I am entirely serious. The healthy haven food is always really tasty and always fresh. There’s nothing that makes me feel better about eating healthy than when the food tastes delicious. Two words: crab-stuffed tilapia.

However, heed my words of wisdom: There are times of the day when everyone goes to the dining halls, specifically, midday during the week. Remember this:

Commons at noon.

On the plus side, the place will be stuffed with wonderful people that will be among your closest friends. The dull roar you hear will be the sound of hundreds of hungry and happy captains chowing down on some of the best food Newport News has to offer.