Valentine’s Day

It’s that day again.

You know, that day where all the single guys, all the single girls, and most of the guys who are in relationships groan and complain about the dumbest of holidays. 

Valentine’s Day is only as important as your enthusiasm lets it. If you want to go all out to make someone’s day, then Valentine’s Day can be pretty fun. If you don’t care then Valentine’s Day just turns into another one of those Catholic martyr holidays about guys who died horrible deaths thousands of years ago.


         I’m not lion when I say, it was harsh…

And those that detest the holiday find special irony in the fact that the patron saint of lovers was so well acquainted with pain and suffering. St. Valentine has widely been accepted by the church as dying after being imprisoned and tortured while visiting Rome (When in Rome…). That said, there are debates about nearly every detail of St. Valentine’s life; from what he did, to who he was, to even the question of if he was one person, two people, or no one at all. Then again, judging by the standards by which someone becomes a saint, I could be made a saint thousands of years from now after all the details of my life get confused and then glorified.

But I digress…

At CNU there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of students that view Valentine’s Day moderately. People either go out to dinner, make cards, write sappy poems and light some candles, or they complain about people that go out to dinner, make cards, write sappy poems and light some candles on Tumblr.

But I would argue that, violent torture deaths and Tumblr aside, we should all embrace Valentine’s Day. The only downside to the day is the downside we make out of it (if we choose to). If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, this is your one day to ask someone out at random and you have no risk of making it look creepy. If they say no or look at you funny you just shrug and say, “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Perfect cover: You’re just festive.

If you’re not ballsy, then use the day as a chance to catch up with the family. Call your mom, dad, sister, brother, cat and let them know that you care. I called my mom to say “hi” yesterday. I felt good afterward. You probably would to.

If you’re not ballsy and you don’t have a family then just go to the grocery store, pick up some chocolate fondue and some strawberries. Return to your home and proceed to dip the strawberries in the chocolate. Before taking a bite, reflect upon the beauty of the melted chocolate dripping off the juicy red strawberry. As you eat your chocolate covered strawberries, you’ll realize that there is always something to love on Valentine’s Day.


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