Your Eyes

The shimmer and sway of candle light,
the thin thread of fire that dances on wick,
the starlit night sparkling overhead,
the sunshine on the first day of summer,

pale in comparison to the glow in your eyes.
For your’s contain the brilliance and beauty
of all the lights on earth. They are
electrifying, entrancing and exciting.

They strike me at my core,
the catalyst to the warmth I feel
every time our separate glances meet
and I cannot look away.

How inhumane the moment feels
when we must part our gaze.
my impassioned mind yearns for you
until we see each other again.


Living in America

I tried living in America,
the home of the free,
but the people there were greedy
And the government didn’t work for me.

I couldn’t go to college,
I didn’t have the cash.
The wealthy called me lazy
as they increased their stash.

And the churches on the street,
they tried to pull me in,
I expected a warm reception,
but all I got was sin.

When I asked them what was wrong
I received a strange look.
They called me un-American,
they got so angry that they shook.

I died living in America
country of the brave
it could have been so great again
if we thought it was worth a save.