A blank page is exciting!

Asalone As You Can Be has hit a couple of milestones. A couple months and over 100 blog posts since I started, the site has been viewed over seven thousand times, I have over 60 followers and recently I was “Freshly Pressed” for a blog post I wrote which apparently means I am among “The best of 421,987 bloggers,1,129,822 new posts, 1,336,911comments, & 256,836,054 words posted today on WordPress.com.”

It definitely helps that I’m on Summer vacation…

Simply put, I enjoy writing. The topic is entirely irrelevant, all I need is something to say. Writing is, after all, the best way to say what you want to say, if only you had the time to think out what you were saying.

I never want to run out of things to write about which is why I want people to tell me what they’d like to read about. Whether they post on my Facebook, email me, or comment here, I’d just like to know what they’d like to read.

What many people don’t understand is that writing is not simply recording what you would like to say. For example, there is a deeper meaning for when you write someone a letter as opposed to sending a text message. Phyllis Theroux wrote it best when she said,

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.”

There is something romantic about writing, and I don’t mean romantic in it’s Romeo & Juliet sense. Writing is dominated by idealism. Even on the darkest subjects, when something is written there is always hope, if nothing less, that it will be read and respected.

I encourage the people around me who inspire me to write as well. I am of the possibly naive mindset that if one can speak, one can write. The wise individuals who write down their words have the advantage of having them remembered when the spoken word is forgotten.

I don’t claim to be a wiseman, I think only a fool would claim such a thing, but I write because I hope to entertain, to inform, to empathize, to feel with others. If my writings seem like pointless drivel to all but one reader, then I’ve fulfilled my purpose in writing.

Because writing is for the writer first, and for a connection to everyone else second.

When I open up a fresh notebook there is an exciting sensation that comes over me. It’s hard to explain, but I figure it’s how god feels. I suddenly have the ability to create anything I want to on that first piece of paper I see. I could write a romantic poem or an action adventure story about a superhero from a distant planet. It doesn’t even matter, because the page is there, and the ability to create is there. When I start writing, it comes out like a rushing river, I don’t stop until I am satisfied. Usually my momentum causes casualties (chiefly sentence fragments and epic run-ons) but these things can be edited later. …maybe.

A world without words is like a land without rivers
A mouth with a voice that never delivers
Or a dawn without sunlight rising from east
So let creativity be forever released

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