Your Eyes

The shimmer and sway of candle light,
the thin thread of fire that dances on wick,
the starlit night sparkling overhead,
the sunshine on the first day of summer,

pale in comparison to the glow in your eyes.
For your’s contain the brilliance and beauty
of all the lights on earth. They are
electrifying, entrancing and exciting.

They strike me at my core,
the catalyst to the warmth I feel
every time our separate glances meet
and I cannot look away.

How inhumane the moment feels
when we must part our gaze.
my impassioned mind yearns for you
until we see each other again.


Living in America

I tried living in America,
the home of the free,
but the people there were greedy
And the government didn’t work for me.

I couldn’t go to college,
I didn’t have the cash.
The wealthy called me lazy
as they increased their stash.

And the churches on the street,
they tried to pull me in,
I expected a warm reception,
but all I got was sin.

When I asked them what was wrong
I received a strange look.
They called me un-American,
they got so angry that they shook.

I died living in America
country of the brave
it could have been so great again
if we thought it was worth a save.

Distance Complete

At the end of my fingertips
Where you’re just beyond my reach
Memories have been reduced to clips
With nothing to beseech.

With a smile that could change a life
And love shining in your eyes
You can’t see that I’m in strife
Ever since our sad goodbyes

Pretend like we were nothing
Try to cover the tear stain
We knew that we were something
And now we share the pain

I could let you slip away,
Think about you now and then,
You will realize some day,
You won’t have me again.

Leaving Maine

Sometime soon I’ll be leavin’
The land that I love far behind
the tale of my life will start to unravel
While I stumble through the thing blind.

But I’ll find myself with longing
For the land in which I was born
Of the air and the trees and the mountains and foliage
Pristine even in thunder storms

Now I don’t know when I’ll return
But the warmth of the fire on a cold winter’s night still burns

So when I arrive in places
Where the people will only look down
I’ll pack up my bags and aim for the northern air
After I turn my self ’round

It may be hard for some to process
The feelings that I possess
But once you’ve star-gazed by the edge of her rivers
You’ll know you want nothing less

And I don’t know when I’ll return to you
To your sweet lovely pines and lakes of blue

I’ll never forget the way that Maine has treated me
I’ll take with me a piece of the way life should be.

Mrs. Henderson

Dear Mrs. Henderson,
Your heart is on the floor,
You’ve been through five years of wedlock,
But still you’re wanting more.

You found me but a year ago,
I was barely just a man,
You chose the things we couldn’t do,
And told me that we can.

When I refused your offer,
You chose to take a bath,
You took with you a razor blade
And faced your self-aimed wrath.

I’m sorry Mrs. Henderson
For the smiles I couldn’t give,
But it was your choice lie for life
And that is no way to live.

A Look at my Former Self

I was looking through some of my old notebooks and journals today as I was packing some things up to head back to college. As a rising junior it feels like middle school and high school was a lifetime ago, but the stuff that I wrote then jogged my memory now and reminded me of how I thought back then. Here’s some of the stuff I found from the summer before my freshman year in high school:

Young summer breeze blows your hair about,
Hiding and revealing your dark brown eyes like the branches of a willow tree.
I have to blink twice because I think I see an angel sitting across from me.
With a smile like the sun and a laugh that melts my heart
You rival mother nature with her god-given beauty and unintended grace.
Let’s remember this moment for a lifetime.


I found a key,
I knew not where it goes.
A door in a tree,
Where the west wind blows?
The tree I found,
But not a door.
I fell to the ground.
My legs so sore.
I searched so long,
for nothing at all.
A slow cold song;
I let the key fall.
No need to search
For what can’t be found,
And there by the birch
I left the key on the ground.


Red ant, you look like a small piece of a perfect society.
Bring me the reason why you toil for no self-benefit, but instead, the benefit of all your kind. How do you do it? How can we humans achieve a state where we no longer wish only for more for ourselves? A state where we work together for a better world. Why can’t we all work together to better mankind, rather than working against each other to better ourselves? Bring me the way, the path to world peace, and a happier planet.

Not Meant to Be

I can’t be your guy,
I’m not that naive,
A romance that we found
Isn’t meant to be.

I’m just a man
I don’t have a plan
I would have been good to you
As best I can

But it’s not meant to be.

I’m sure that you’ll cry
Don’t fall to your knees
I never meant any harm to you
So listen to me please

It might sound absurd
It’s hard to conceive
I don’t want to come across as just a tease.
You’re worth more than this.
You’re worth more than me.
You’re worth more than a fantasy or a summer dream.

It’s just not meant to be.

Don’t be feeling bad
I don’t want you the slight bit sad
It’s just not easy,
when it isn’t meant to be.

I don’t want to break a heart,
As fragile as it may be.
But it seems that I’ll just be,
Another distant summer dream.

I won’t forget your smile,
Just don’t forget me.
I don’t want to be a forgotten man
of what just couldn’t be.

I’ll let it live on,
if only in song,
And I’ll never forget
What wasn’t meant to be.

I’m only a man,
I’m only a dream
A simple vision of
What could have been

The summer passed by
Like clouds in a sky
The metaphoric rain of all
the tears you cried

I won’t forget you,
Just don’t forget me,
And we’ll both smile when we think of
What wasn’t meant to be.