Disney’s “Aladdin” or “Why Every Bad Guy has Dark Skin”


Alright, before I get into the unfortunate reality of Disney racism, let me just point out that I love Aladdin. It’s  a great movie with lots of good music some great voice acting, original characters, and Robin Williams. The reception of Aladdin was quite good in the United States and is considered a Disney classic by nearly anyone who has ever watched it. We can assume that it’s reception amongst racists was even better.

Check this out. Listen to the first few lines of Arabian Nights.
Yup, that’s right. “where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face, it’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home!” Don’t remember that lyric? It’s because Disney actually edited the song for later re-releases of the film. This is what it says now. Yeah, now some of you can argue that Disney was just trying to be historically accurate with ancient Arabian justice systems, but then again, how often is Disney historically accurate?

(Can you paint with all the colors of historical inaccuracy)
(Yes. Yes you can.)
Offensive opening song aside, Aladdin seems to have a number of issues that can be picked out by anyone with a brain and knowledge of political correctness. Let’s first consider the questionable ethnicity of our main characters…
First we have the protagonist after which the magical story is named. If you have ever seen the face of anyone from the middle east you know that their skin is of a tint darker than a California tan that Aladdin seems to be sporting. And speaking of California, is it just me or does Aladdin essentially look like California surfer-dude that happened to dye his hair black?
  (Brah, that last run was sick! But I totally got the munchies brah)
Okay, on to Jasmine who seems, if possible, to be even whiter than the street rat we just looked at.
(I can show you the world aka the Americanized world)
What about the Sultan?? The least they could do would be to make the ruler look at least a little bit like the constituents that he would rule over in the real world!
So the Sultan essentially looks like a fat old German posing as a Sultan. For reference lets see what people in the middle east look like
  (He’s wincing at Disney’s portrayal of Aladdin.)
Now, maybe Disney just didn’t do any research before they got into making Aladdin. Most of the animators probably have never been to the middle east. In fact, many of the animators have probably not left their rooms since they became animators. Does this excuse Disney?? Are their no dark-skinned people anywhere in Aladdin?
Well it’s not that bad right? It’s not like they made all the bad guys darker skinned than the good guys in Aladdin. Right?

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